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Visit Maramures! One of the last unspoiled places of Europe!

Maramures is all about the land, the ancient way of life and the people. Everywhere you look, creates images in your mind, of fairytales!

Maramures is the northern part of Transylvania, known as 'The Land Beyond the Forest'


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The land, gently undulating, is covered with hills and valleys, rivers and haystacks; ways of farming unchanged for centuries. Working the fields by hand, using scythes and rakes, hoes, axes and other medieval farming implements. Cartloads, stacked high and wide,
pulled by horses, bring the harvests home. Roads winding through hills and valleys... not a motorway to be seen, in
this county!  Here are few fences, animals free to graze, tended only by local old folks or shepherds.
What an image!

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An abundance of fruit and nut trees Bushes bursting with wild berries, to help yourselves to, whilst rambling through the fields and woodlands.
Hike through ancient forests, following footprints of bears, wild cats and boars.

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You'll find four proper seasons in Maramures. Beautiful spring, showered in blossom, after a snow covered, freezing winter. Long, hot summer days, with beautiful starry nights, followed by a rich and glorious array of colours, in the Autumn.

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Maramures is famous for its wooden architecture. Tall spires of the traditional wooden churches can be seen from a distance, often built on top of a hill, in the middle of the village. Old traditional wooden houses with shingle roofs. Ornately carved, entrance gates... even a cemetery, where the headstones are hand carved, depicting the lives of people deceased!

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Village people, who's lives revolve around subsistence farming are hard working, but  lead a healthy lifestyle.
It is difficult to imagine '1st world' stress here; there is little evidence of consumerism, in the rural areas. Where nothing, is more important than 'family'. The older generations, are revered and still have a purpose in life. Every family member, no matter how old or young, gets involved with day to day household and farming chores.

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Neighbours...discuss and gossip.. over the garden fence, in the streets or out in the fields, the daily happenings, no matter how insignificant. Families and friends gather for 'entertainment', usually at home, to spend time together and share their stories.  Always.. there is food on the table and a bottle of palinca! Most of all, they are known for there genuine hospitality. You can expect a warm welcome and often an invitation to join for warm donuts, and a small glass of Palinca!

Private Guided Tour in Maramures and Transylvania

A journey back in time: Countryside Life from Transylvania and Maramures


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Visit Maramures! One of the last unspoiled places of Europe!

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