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Communism Bucharest Tour

You'll hear the sad story of Romania under communist regime from the end of the Second World War until 1989. How Bucharest was devasted by the Communist Party Dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu.
Communism Bucharest Tour

Duration: 4 hours
Availability: all year

With this Private Tour you'll get the chance to find out about the sad history of Bucharest and Romania during The Communist Regime.

We'll tell you all about how communism changed the face of Romania and Bucharest after the Second World War when the communist came to power.

We'll tell you the story of how the Royal Family was forced to leave Romania after WW2. You'll learn about the suffering of anti-communism fighters, majority of them killed in communist jails.

We'll go together in parts of Bucharest that were completely transformed by the "vision"of Nicolae Ceausescu, the former communist dictator in Romania.

You'll visit the imense Palace of The Parliament, initialy called "House of the People" - Ceausescu's  insane idea of constructing the biggest non-military building in the world. And, for doing this, one third of Bucharest was erased from the face of the world. Many churches distroyed, people left without their houses.

We'll visit places in Bucharest where more than 1000 were killed during the December 1989 Revolution. We'll walk through the Revolution Square - the place where the former dictator held his last speech and where the Revolution took place. Also, we'll go in the University Square, where many youngsters were killed in December 1989.

In the time when Romanians were freezing to death  in their small apartments blocks without electric energy and with nothing to eat, the Comunist Party Leaders had a life full with everything. We'll visit the neighborhood were Ceausescu and his loyal comunists lived.

At the end, we'll go to Ghencea Cemetery, were Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena are burried. They were executed in December 1989. Now, year after year, some nostalgic communists came to their grave to pay their's respect.

Unfortunately for Romania, the communism way of doing politic didn't end in 1989. In the following years after Revolution, Romania and especialy Bucharest passed through difficult periods of time: masive anti-communist rallies in June 1990 were smashed with violence under the new regime instaurated after 1989.

I will personaly conduct the tour - when the Revolution took place in 1989 I was 10 and I was on the streets with my father, so I have a personal perspective of all that  happend during those days.


Romanian Revolution

From min 7:00 -  Ceausescu's last speech and his moments of panic when hundreds of thousands of people began shouting against him and communism. At that moment, Romanians found out that the Regime is over!


World News Reports about Romanian Revolution - 1989





1 person 80
2 or more persons * 40

* price per person

*** for 1 to 4 persons, we'll use a private car - fuel included
*** for more than 4 persons, we'll use Public Transport, a way to understand better the way of life of Romanians

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- entry tickets to Palace of the Parliament
- public transport tickets

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- photo fees where need it


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