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From € 120.00

Famous Castles of Romania in One Day - Private Guided Tour

You`ll have the chance to visit 2 famous Castles: Peles Castle in Sinaia, one of the most beautiful in Europe and Bran Castle, famous because of Dracula Novel. Bonus: Brasov Medieval City


From € 135.00

Wildlife in Danube Delta - One Day Guided Tour from Bucharest

Great adventure in One Day ! Admiring birds, animals, narrow channels, lakes of the Danube Delta in a Boat Ride. Bonus: a traditional fish meal in one of the villages from the Danube Delta


From € 80.00

One Day in the Sky: Transfagarasan Highway - Private Guided Tour

Crossing Carpathian Mountains on a fabulos road at 2000 meters altitude ! Top Gear TV Show: "This is the best road in the world !" Bonus: Sibiu Medieval City!


From € 75.00

One Day on the Beach!

Good weather, sun and sand at the Back Sea. Bonus: visiting Constanta town


From € 65.00

Discover Bucharest - Private Guided Tour

Discover vibrant Capital of Romania: Old City Center, beautiful parks, second biggest building in the world - Palace of the Parliament, Village Museum, the Story of Romanian Anti-Communist Revolution


From € 40.00

Communism Bucharest Tour

You`ll hear the sad story of Romania under communist regime from the end of the Second World War until 1989. How Bucharest was devasted by the Communist Party Dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu.


From € 75.00

Charming Sibiu - Private Guided Tour

Probably the most beautiful city in Romania will take you back in time few hundred years: Large and Small Suare, Bridge of Lies, Council Tower, Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran Churches


From € 75.00

Sighisoara: Pearl of Transylvania - Private Guided Tour

You`ll discover the "Pearl of Transylvania". Sighisoara Citadel is one of the fewest Citadels still inhabitated in Europe and it is included in Unesco World Heritage. Also, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler

Only one free day ? No problem ! We'll show you few splendors of Romania: Bran and Peles Famous Castles, Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara Medieval Cities or the Fascinating Wild Danube Delta

We designed these "one day private tours" for those of you who are already in Romania or are passing through our country. Spending a day visiting Bucharest, exploring Danube Delta, walking through Prahova Valley Castles, can be an excellent opportunity to spend your free time.


These "one day private tours" have starting point in Bucharest on acceptable distances, so we'll be back in the same day, in the evening. Our services include - transfer by private car or minivan from the airport or from your location to our destination, road and fuel taxes, English speaking guide and entrance fees for tourist attractions.


Prahova Valley with Castles and Fortresses, beautiful medieval cities - Brasov , Sibiu and Sighisoara, Saxon villages from Transylvania, Danube Delta, amazing Transfagarasan road that cuts the Carpathians - all these are possible to be visited during a day.








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Only one free day ? No problem ! We'll show you few splendors of Romania: Bran and Peles Famous Castles, Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara Medieval Cities or the Fascinating Wild Danube Delta

One Day Tours

With 2 free days, you'll have the chance to enjoy more of the Medieval Transylvania, amazing Transfagarasan Road or the Wildlife from Danube Delta, the only natural place from Romania in Unesco World Hertage

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