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Spirituality in trying times

As you travel to the northernmost region of Romania, you will be stricken not only by the sheer natural beauty, but by the sense of serenity simply oozing from this place of wonder. Bucovina is a land like no other.
The rugged hillside welcomes you as you will pass by the vast countryside, sprinkled with flowers and haystacks. The dramatic gorges and the majestic mountains towering in the distance complete the landscape. This is the place where spirituality blooms, giving a trip to this region, or Romania as a whole, an entirely different dimension.
The jewels of Bucovina are, unquestionably, the precious Painted Monasteries, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The monasteries offer a three-dimensional peak into the intertwined life and faith of the local people, from the very beginnings to the present day.


Bucovina Monasteries

They showcase the troubled past, bloodied by the wars against the ever-invading Ottoman Empire, and the resilience of the inhabitants who never wavered in their beliefs. The churches themselves were born during those trying times, as a sign of victory and gratitude.
Having been built as early as the 15th century, each monastery is surrounded by a fortified wall, for defence purposes. Going beyond the wall, you will find an oasis of peace where you can get in touch with your own spirituality. Flower beds line up along the clean alleyways connecting the white-washed dwellings with the places of worship. The churches are simple and modest, but the exterior frescoes are a work of art. Carefully hand-painted religious scenes adorn the walls, the bright colours being famous in their own right, such as the deep Voronet blue or Sucevita’s green hues.
Lastly, the monasteries are symbol of the people. The religious teachings are well ingrained in the daily life, materializing into centuries-old traditions.

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