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An open-air museum of preserved saxon legacy

Stepping into Transylvania, one might expect to find tall, ominous castles perched atop stony crests, looming over the unassuming villages. While there are fortresses tucked away in the hills of dark-green forests, the reality of the place far exceeds the myth. Transylvania has been shaped by a rich history and medieval allure, in a stunning natural setting dotted with villages steeped in folklore.



Travelling through the Transylvanian countryside, you will be transported between the pages of a history book. The generous Saxon heritage is prevalent in every stone, castle, or colourful house. Along the way you will encounter the ever-charming Saxon towns of Brasov and Sibiu where the entertainment of modern life blends with the historical air, creating a character that only few places have. Sighisoara takes it a step further. The 12th century citadel is still habited to this day, worthy of its UNESCO World Heritage Site title. Wandering along its cobbled streets and the remains of the old fortified walls, you will be hauled back to the medieval times.
On our private tour you will travel beyond, right into the heart of Transylvania. We like going off the beaten track and experience this legacy in all its genuineness. Walking into a remote Transylvanian village you will be greeted by the traditional houses quietly lined up along the dirt path. Impenetrable at a first glance, they are in no way unwelcoming, thanks to the bright colours adorning them. The entirety of the village is clustered around a fortified church, proudly overlooking all else. The fortified churches, another treasure left behind by the Saxons, are a symbol of the centuries-old religious belief, being both a place of prayer and a safety haven in times of war.
To this day, the traditions are kept alive, and we aim to showcase their beauty on our tours. Interact with the locals as they go about their village activities, from farming to weaving and blacksmithing. The local families will welcome you for a warm, hearty meal prepared with love by the farmers’ wives. Touring Transylvania, you will get a taste of all that a Saxon village has to offer for it is truly a unique experience. So much so that it enchanted Prince Charles enough to own a Saxon house in the village of Viscri.


Of course, no trip to Transylvania would be complete without an encounter with Dracula. The man behind the myth, Vlad the Impaler, hails from the Saxon town of Sighisoara and during your tour, you will find out exactly what prompted the stories.
All in all, a private trip to Transylvania means getting close and personal to the customs of the place, the people still connected to their ancestral roots, and a history visible in the vestiges still standing tall. This one is a trip for the heart and mind alike.

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Brasov City

Also known as Kronstad, Brasov is one of the most beautiful medieval cities from Romania with the biggest Gothic Church from Romania, the Black Church


One of the few still inhabitated Medieval Citadels from Europe, listed in Unesco World Heritage list.

Sibiu City

Like Brasov, Sibiu is another superb Medieval City in Transylvania and in 2007 was the European Cultural Capital

Fortified Churches

This is a fantastic treasure in Transylvania, left by the Germans who came in the area more than 900 years ago

Transylvanian Castles and Citadels

Who doesn't know about Bran Castle and Dracula Novel ? Well, there is MUCH MORE than Dracula in Transylvania ! Impresive castles, like Peles or Corvin are waiting you to discover them

Transfăgărăşan Highway

„That’s the most amazing road I’ve ever seen, this is the best road in the world!” - Jeremy Clarkson / Top Gear

Transalpina Highway

Crossing this road on the mountains’ peak, at 2145m altitude, is certainly an unforgettable experience. Transalpina is the highest road from the Carpathians



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