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2021 Bucovina and Transylvania Treasures - Private Guided Tour - 8 days

Fully vaccinated people can enter Romania without any restrictions!

Embark on a 8-night private guided tour from the Saxon charm of Transylvania to the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina
2021 Bucovina and Transylvania Treasures - Private Guided Tour - 8 days

Travel beyond the myth in Transylvania and discover a land steeped in history. Explore its towns and citadels and let yourself be enchanted. In a complementing contrast, Bucovina stuns through the gorgeous natural landscapes where the spirituality thrives. To show for it, the UNESCO Heritage Painted Churches of Bucovina stood the passage of time and carry the religious beliefs further. To visit any of the regions is a privilege but to visit both is truly enriching.

Day 1: Starting off in Bucharest, you will follow the scenic Olt Valley all the way to the Saxon town of Sibiu. Your base for the next three nights is as charming as they can be. From the quaint alleys to the colourful houses and the still ambiance, Sibiu will surely crawl its way into your heart.
You will have the afternoon to explore the historical centre with the interlinked two main squares, the impressive churches and towers on a walking tour, and learn all about its history and influences. Don’t forget to tell a lie on the Liars’ Bridge while you’re at it!
Overnight in Sibiu

Day 2: Today you will get acquainted with the more soulful side of the region. Travelling through the countryside, you will stop in Biertan for a visit of its 500-year-old Fortified Church. Then it’s onwards to the village of Malancrav, just in time for lunch. You will be treated with a traditional meal prepared by one of the local ladies, but not before visiting the Malancrav Fortified Church, impressive through its well-preserved murals.
After lunch, and 30 minutes later, you will arrive in the delightful Sighisoara. One of the last inhabited citadels, Sighisoara is also Vlad the Impaler’s birthplace. On the walking tour around its narrow alleyways you will learn all about what’s real and what is not about the legend of Dracula.
Overnight in Sighisoara

Day 3: Travelling even further off the beaten path, today you will travel to the Saxon village of Viscri. One of the best-preserved villages of the region, it even lured Prince Charles who has his own traditional guesthouse here. Ramble around the dusty paths, get to know the locals and their traditions, climb up to the Fortified Church and peak into the daily lives of the people still living here.
In the evening, you will be invited to a traditional dinner in a local household.
Overnight in Viscri Saxon Village

Day 4: It is time to say, “see you later!” to the Transylvanian lands. It is a long drive towards Moldova in the north of the country, but the views you will encounter along the way are worth it. First stop comes at lunchtime, which will be by the curious Red Lake. The lake is on the site of a sunken forest, and the trunks of the old trees can still be seen rising out of the water.
Driving further, you will be passing through the Bicaz Gorge, the passageway into the picturesque Moldova. The narrow road slides in between the high cliffs and even under the hanging rocks in some portions. Spectacular and mouth-dropping.
You will reach Moldova in the afternoon. Your introduction to the religious heritage will be by visiting the sister monasteries of Varatec and Agapia.
Overnight in Moldova

Day 5: After breakfast, travel to the far north, into the stunning Bucovina with its rolling hills and gorgeous landscapes. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage, the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina are not only pleasing to the eye through the colourful facades depicting religious scenes, but they also showcase the close relationship the people had with religion throughout history. You will learn about their significance as you will visit three of the 15th-16th-built monasteries: Sucevita, Moldovita and Voronet.
Overnight in Gura Humorului

Day 6: It’s back to Transylvania today. Watch the landscape change as you pass from one countryside to another. By afternoon, you will be in Brasov, a charming Saxon town with picture-perfect old town houses and narrow streets on a mountain back-drop. Take the walking tour along the cobbled streets, visiting the Black Church and the main sights, taking in its effortless beauty.
Overnight in Brasov

Day 7: Surrounded by the stunning Carpathian Mountains all around, the Brasov area is a dream. You will spend your day out and about, enjoying the natural setting. First stop of the day is the ominous Bran Castle, commonly known as Dracula’s  Castle. On the tour, you will separate the truth from Bram Stocker’s fiction. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the views from the main tower.
Afterwards, if you’re a wildlife lover, a visit to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary is a must. This is where over 90 bears have been rescued from poor conditions and are now living stress-free in the vast forests of Zarnesti. In the afternoon, it’s back to Brasov for some more medieval charm.
Overnight in Brasov

Day 8: Today you will be returning to Bucharest, but not without stopping for a visit to the stunning Peles Castle first. Nestled in between the mountains in Sinaia, it’s hard not to believe you have been transported inside a fairy-tale. The interior is just as impressive, and you will have plenty of time to be amazed by the décor and architecture.
You will reach the capital city in the afternoon. Here, the Old Town awaits with its buzzing bars and restaurants. You deserve an end-of-the-tour pint. Noroc!
Overnight in Bucharest







2 persons * 1500
4 persons * 1075
6 persons * ... 950

* price per person

** for single accommodation: + 120 euro   


Suggested accommodations

•    Sibiu Republique Hotel
•    Sighisoara Hotel Central Park
•    Brasov Hotel Bella Muzica
•    Bucharest Hotel Capitol
•    Bucovina La Roata
•    Viscri Village Experience Transylvania

Note: if one of these accommodations is not available, we’ll provide another one at same standards

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-    8 nights accommodation 3&4 star / breakfast included
-    Private car / minivan – air conditioning – all transport costs included
-    Private guide in English and driver
-    1 traditional meal
-    Admission for all sites in the itinerary
-    Planning the itinerary
-    6 Unesco World Heritage sites
-    All expences for guide / driver
-    1 photo fee at Peles Castle
-    Transfer from / to the Airport in Bucharest

Not included:

-   Minibars
-    Travel and Health insurances
-    Other meals than mentioned

Please notice:

- on public holidays and Mondays, sights may be closed

- For booking this Private Tour you need to pay in advance a deposit, which will be agreed in advance between parties. For more info, feel free to contact us on:

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