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A journey back in time

Whoever said time travel hasn’t been invented yet has clearly never been to Maramures. The northernmost region of Romania tells the story of how the purity and authenticity of the Romanian rural life have withstood the passage of time preserving its simple yet fulfilling way of life.

As soon as you step into this fairytale-like land, you will be stricken by the unfiltered natural beauty all around. In perfect contrast to the simple life, the landscapes boast with richness: never-ending green pastures that bloom with colourful flowers in spring only to be peppered by haystacks by the end of summer, hills, and valleys, all with a forested backdrop and the clean, mountain air.


Maramures landscapes

During your private tour in Maramures you will go way beyond what nature has to offer and immerse yourself into the rural life. You will find your home in the cosy wooden cottages reminiscent of the dwellings of the days gone past. Here, in the village, time stands still. Wander around and glimpse into the everyday life of the villagers for whom the troubles of modern life do not exist. Instead, the traditions are alive and blooming. Watch as horse and carts ride past you, the peasants in their traditional clothing gather in front of their homes at dusk, and the farmers go back home after a long day on the fields.
From hay stacking and shepherding to working the land, cow milking, and cooking traditional dishes, you will be able to lend a helping hand. In return, you will not only get the fulfilment of a job well done, but the villagers will show you their gratefulness the way they know best. You will witness their renowned hospitality first-hand as for a few days you will become part of their family. Listen to their flavourful stories and anecdotes, be treated to hearty, delicious meals, and toast for good luck and a newfound friendship with a shot of horinca. Noroc!


Maramures food

And just for a pinch of tradition, Sunday mornings are a treat in themselves. With religion representing a staple of the Romanian rural life, don’t miss out on attending church alongside the villagers dressed in their best clothes. Witness the customs of the service while the villagers stop their daily activities and pray. Their faith has also offered Maramures its iconic UNESCO heritage wooden churches, which are a delight to visit. The Merry Cemetery is not to be missed either. Easily recognizable by its colourful headstones and humorous approach to death, it’s a highlight of any Maramures tour.
Lastly, to top it all off, your private trip to Maramures would not be complete without a ride on the Mocanita, the historical steam train of the region. Hop on aboard as it snakes through the valleys and forests, stopping in a meadow for a picnic lunch.

Join us on this journey back in time. Check out all our Maramures private tours here. 

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