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Simple life of people from Maramures

Working the fields all day, making haystacks for their animals, producing plumb brandy and going to church every Sunday ... these are the MUSTs of people from Maramures.

This "back in time" area of Romania is the most traditional part of the country. People are so incredible friendly and they will invite you in a second into their house to share meal and a good drink :)

People from Maramures start early spring to work their fields and to make haystacks. They gonna use the hay in the winter for their animals. "We work all day for our animals becauae they are part of our families, they provide us the food we need".

We at Touring Romania love Maramures and want to share with you this incredible part of Romania. That's why we have a Private Guided Tour for you - 8 days in Transylvania and Maramures, here:
2020 Best of Romania: Transylvania and Maramures - Private Guided Tour in 8 Days


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Simple life of people from Maramures


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