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In spring, when everything revives, two hundred species of migratory birds come back here from Africa or from the Mediterranean, like in a holiday.

Wild Danube Delta is the only natural area from Romania included in Unesco World Heritage. It is the place where the Danube River ends it's journey through Europe and flows into the Black Sea. It is a true paradise for those who love nature, wildlife, birdwatching, remote villages and simplicity of life.

Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 1 (3)Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 11Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 13Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 7

After more than 2800 kilometers crossing Europe from West to East, Danube River formed one of the most beautiful Deltas in the world. It is the newest land of Europe, continuosly expanding. It is the heaven for hundres of species of birds and animals.

Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 14Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 16Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 4 (2)Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 6

Of the 375 bird species that live in Romania, 341 are found on the Danube Delta. Of these. 171 are nesting species. Other species are there during spring, summer and autum or winter migration. A number of 17 species are globaly thereatened. Some of the species from the Danube Delta are recognised as monuments of nature.

Without doubt,  the stars of the Delta are the Pelicans and Cormorans. The Great White Pelican is the symbol of the Danube Delta.  Notice that in the Danube Delta there are the largest Pelican colonies from Europe. The Pelicans are the biggest birds in the Delta. Their wings are over 3 meters and the body weight up to 15 kilograms.

Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 12Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 2Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 26Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 8

The spectacle is amazing when the Pelicans hunts. They gather in a semicircle and chase small fish in shallow waters.The sound is fabulous. Pelican is a protected species in Europe. In the Danube Delta, their estimated number is between 3560-4160 breeding pairs.


Another famous bird from Danube Delta is the Great Egret, a splendid, impressive bird with white plumage, beak and longs legs, very graceful. This bird stay in the Danube Delta over the winter aso.

Other birds you will admire in the Danube Delta: Red-Breasted Goose, Pygmy Cormoran, Little Egret, Purple Heron, Squacco Heron, Little  Bittern, Spoonbill, Glossy Ibis, White Stork, Ferruginous Duck, Greater Spotted Eagle, White-tailed Eagle, Red-footed Falcon, Black-winged Stilt, Crane or spectacular Kingfisher.


Population of the Danube Delta is arround 20.000. The main activity is fishing, but agriculture is also a way of earning food. Sheep and cattle breeding is another important ocupation for  the locals.

Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 10Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 18People from Danube Delta 2People from Danube Delta 3

In Danube Delta there is only one City - Sulina - and many small villages, some of them very remote,  like Crisan, Mila 23, Letea, Periprava, Caraorman or Sfistofca.

Sulina is the most eastern city of Romania at the lowest altitude. First historical document mentioning Sulina is from the year 950. During 12th and 18th century, Sulina was recognised as a fisherman village and a refuge for pirats from the near seas. At the end of 19th century, Sulina was a very cosmopolite city, due to the Danube European Comission which had it's headquarters in Sulina. This is why in Sulina were built a Catholic Church, an Orthodox Cathedral and a Greek Church. Also a Mosque and a Synagogue were erected in Sulina.

Sulina Old Town Danube Delta 1Sulina Old Town Danube Delta 15Sulina Old Town Danube Delta 16Sulina Old Town Danube Delta 3

Sulina had a very good life - on the beach it was a Casino where many parties gathered all the locals dancing, gambleing, listening music. At some point, the population of Sulina was 30.000. The official documets were written in french and english and 80% of the population were speaking greek language. Every person from Sulina had to know the other languages and at some point in Sulina were 20 different languages. Apart of romanians and greeks, in Sulina lived turks, armenians, russians, slovenians, bulgarians, french and english people, italians or germans.

Sulina developed over times: from a small fisherman village to an international port. Sulina had also bad times when, during the Second World War was bombed and many houses distroyed. Unfortunatelly, the communism put it's mark on Sulina too and in the City were built ugly small apartments blocks, soviet style. But, this didn't ruined Sulina's charm and now, Sulina is a very nice place to visit.



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