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Travelling to the far eastern edge of Europe, a hidden piece of heaven is waiting to be discovered, hiding behind clusters of thatch and willow trees. As the Danube River snakes its way through Europe, it reaches the territory of Romania, ready to flow into the Black Sea. Thus, the best-preserved delta in Europe is created here.
A network of channels and islets are intertwined, creating a labyrinth swarming with wildlife calling out to all naturalists. Some 5,500 species of flora and fauna call the Danube Delta their home, which makes it the third largest biosphere in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Galapagos Archipelago in Ecuador. Out of these, about 300 species are birds, from pelicans to cormorants and egrets. Big and small, and with all colours under the sun, birdwatching in the Danube Delta is a true spectacle, especially during the migration season.


Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 1 (3)Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 11Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 13Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 7

Venturing deeper, the Danube Delta will welcome you, revealing her secrets as your professional guide will expertly guide you across the waterways to the prime birdwatching spots. During your tour, you will get acquainted with the many species you encounter along the way, catching a glimpse into their behaviours.
Dark and mysterious, the sunken tropical forest of Letea is a highlight. With 500-old trees and sand dunes, the wildlife is rife here, and you can spot land fauna such as wild horses, boars, or tortoises.


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Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 14Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 16Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 4 (2)Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 6

In a land where nature has taken over, the few human settlements have learned to live in harmony with their surroundings. The sleepy fisherman’s villages are as remote as they come, only reachable by boat. Thriving on the riverbanks, they are an oasis of peace and quiet. The troubles of modern life are foreign in these parts, so use this opportunity to close your eyes, take in the sounds of nature and recharge. Take a boat out at dusk to watch the sun set over the twinkling water as a sky full of stars settles in.


Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 10Danube Delta Romania photo source Iliuta Goean fotonatura ro 18People from Danube Delta 2People from Danube Delta 3

Trace the course of the river all the way to the Black Sea. Stroll on the sandy beach listening to the calming waves, the result of Danube’s 2,850 kilometres-long journey.
A land where with a rich flora where the wildlife lives peacefully. On a private trip to the Danube Delta you will discover the natural wonders, and a specialized guide accompanying you will share all the secrets. It is the place where you can get lost and find yourself at the same time.

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