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From weather and transport to cost of living in Romania

How is the weather like in Romania?

The climate in Romania, though moderate continental, can get pretty extreme from the cold winters, especially in the mountain areas, to the increasingly hot summers.


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Spring:  Springtime is generally pleasant, with the temperatures in the mid-20s degrees Celsius (77F) range. The evenings tend to be chillier, especially in the mountain areas, so do pack a jacket. April and May are the warmer months, with March being the colder of the three, snowfall still being a possibility then. With the nature coming back to life, the crude greens and colourful wildflowers, spring is a lovely time to visit.

Summer: The prime time to visit Romania, the weather is warm, the days are long, and the chances of rain are fairly low. The downside is that the temperatures can get quite hot, close to 40 degrees Celsius (100F), especially in the cities. As a fun fact, the hottest temperature ever registered in Romania was 44.5 degrees Celsius (112F), back in 1951. Luckily, the mountainside offers the perfect refuge when the weather gets hot. Visiting in summer is great, giving you a glimpse into the rural life, as the villages are out working the land, hay-stacking, and sheepherding. Sunscreen and insect repellent should not be omitted from your luggage.

Autumn: The weather in the Fall months is milder, and with less tourists around, it’s a lovely time to visit Romania. The traditional activities are centered  around berry picking and jam making. The landscapes are even more stunning as usual, the reddish-yellow foliage being a great photo opportunity. With the migration, visiting the Delta in fall offers a spectacle like no other.

Winter: While snowfall begins in November at the higher altitudes, the season officially starts in December. In December, the towns are lit up with fairy lights and Christmas Markets, which makes it a magical time to visit. In January and February, snow has taken over the landscapes, the countryside resembling a little bit of pearly heaven. Skiing is also possible then, in one of the many ski resorts across the Carpathians. Make sure you dress accordingly, especially if you’re visiting the mountains, as the temperatures can easily drop below the freezing point. The lowest temperature ever registered in Romania was in 1942, at -38.5 degrees Celsius (-37.3F).


Winter in Maramures

All in all, depending on what you want to do in Romania, the best time to visit the countryside is from April to November. If you want to catch the Christmas Markets, then December is the month for that, while the skiing slopes are at their best in January and February.


Public Transport in Romania

Railway: Out of all the options, the railway connects the most important nodes and covers pretty much the entire territory. On the other hand, there is no value for money, as the tickets are on the pricier side, while the trains are terribly slow. Delays are to be expected, especially in the hot summer months and in winter. To paint the picture, in 2018, the trains were delayed for a total of 1.6 million minutes, which is roughly… 6 years.

Ground transportation: In between the smaller cities you may also use the buses, usually ran by private companies, or minibuses. While these cover more ground than the trains and are relatively cheaper, they are often unreliable. Without a clear schedule and lack of clarity, they are often late as well. If you opt for buses, you may also share with another 50 people.

Flights: With 16 internal and international airports, travelling by plane has become a more popular mode of transportation in Romania in the recent years. The fares are relatively cheap, and you can fly from one end of the country to the other in a matter of 45 minutes to an hour… as opposed to the 9+ hours you would spend otherwise.
Flying into Romania, you can fly into Bucharest Otopeni, or any of the other international ones, such as Cluj Napoca, Baia Mare, Sibiu, Iasi, Satu Mare or Oradea. There are plenty of airlines to choose from, depending on your preferences and schedules: Tarom (our national airline), Blue Air, British Airways, or budget airlines such as Wizz Air or Ryanair.

Arriving into Bucharest: Once you’ve made your way out of the security area at Otopeni Airport, head to one of the taxi booths in the arrivals terminal to request a cab. As you head out, look for the taxi you ordered – the details will be on the printed receipt. Alternatively, you can also use the Uber app to order a taxi from the airport. Generally, a one-way ride to the downtown should cost roughly 10-15 Euros.
If you’re on a budget, you can also take the train from the Arrival Terminal to the Train Station in Bucharest. The ride is only 20 minutes and costs only 1 euro.


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Another option is to catch the 783 bus from the airport. There are two Express lines, for the train station or downtown. The bus station is right outside the arrivals lounge, and a one-way ticket is typically 1 Euro.

Public transport in Bucharest: The city public transport is cheap (think 50 cents for a one-way ticket). The ground transportation is heavily affected by the traffic, so is often slow and late. The best option is using the metro, which is the easiest and hassle-free method, as it connects the main touristic areas.

Currency in Romania

Romania uses the Romanian New Leu, or RON. 1 Euro is typically 4.8-4.9 RON. When exchanging money, avoid doing so at the airport as the exchange rates are not friendly. If you can, wait until you reach the city center and head over to one of exchange points.
An even better method would be withdrawing money, though make sure you do so from ATMs that are connected to a bank to avoid ridiculous commissions. ATMs are widely available throughout Romania’s main cities, so you don’t need to withdraw a lot of money in one go. Most bars and restaurants accept card as well. Do make sure you have enough cash on you when you are travelling to remote villages and for small purchases.

Lei Euro

Cost of Living in Romania

Compared to the other European countries, Romania is on the cheaper side. A good meal in a restaurant is around 10-15 Euros per person. When budgeting, we would suggest around 40-50 Euros per person per day to cover all expenses.
Beer – 1.5 Euros
Bottle of Wine – 10-15 Euros
0.5 l Bottle of still water – 50 cents
2l Bottle of still water – 1 Euro




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