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Try a new travel destination: Romania!

Romania may not be the most famous travel destination in Europe, but for sure it is a big positive surprise for travelers who decide to visit Romania!

Romania still preserves some of the most authentic traditions in Europe and some of the most untouched and wild natural areas in the Carpathian Mountains.

Of course, Transylvania is the most well known region of Romania with many travelers visiting to learn about Count Dracula and the famous Bran Castle. We at Touring Romania will show you that Transylvania is far more than Dracula. With us you will have a great private tour in Transylvania, personalized for you and your group. We are trying to take you off the beaten path and put you in contact with the locals. Meeting the locals in the rural Transylvania, exploring the Saxon Villages and learning about locals life is an unforgettable experience.


Many Unesco World Heritage sites are located in Transylvania such as Sighisoara Medieval Citadel, Viscri Saxon Village or Biertan Fortified Church. All these sites are a must while traveling to Transylvania, but a big bonus is to try the local cuisine. We know some local ladies in Transylvania who will prepare delicious meals for you. A home cooked meal in a Transylvanian Village is another great experience while traveling to Romania.

Countryside of Romania is one of the best kept in Europe. You can still see archaic ways of farming the fields, you can still see horse carts on the roads or see locals making haystacks with their own hands. We will take you to meet the locals from Maramures, the northwestern part of Transylvania and to help them in their farming activities. People from Maramures are the friendliest from all Romania and ready to welcome you in their houses ! Traditions of Maramures are the richest in Romania. Maramures is also famous because of the wooden churches, many of them included in Unesco World Heritage. Another important attraction of Maramures is the Merry Cemetery where you will discover a different attitude towards death.

The good thing about exploring Romania is that you don't get bored. Romania is a medium-large country and each region has something different. The Bucovina area is located in the northeastern part of Romania and it has a rich history. In addition to that, Bucovina is well known for the Painted Churches, eight of them included in Unesco World Heritage. Rolling hills of Bucovina are an amazing setting for great photos. Fall colours in Romania give you the chance of fantastic photos as well. A photography tour in Romania needs to include Bucovina as well and the best time for fall colours in Romania is from mid October until November.

Late May, June, July and August are perfect months to explore the wildlife from the Danube Delta Wildlife photography finds in the Danube Delta the perfect choice in Romania. We have professional guides in the Danube Delta who provide great boat rides there. They know how to approach birds in order not to scare them and, at the same time, to give you the opportunity of great photos. You can see in the Danube Delta more than 300 bird species from Europe !  The Danube Delta is a protected Biosphere in the southeastern part of Romania. It is a great travel destination for birdwatching ! The local cuisine is, of course, based on fresh fish from the Danube river. Delicious food prepared by the local ladies !

Last but not least, Bucharest, the capital of Romania ! From all Eastern Europe capitals, Bucharest was the most affected by the decades under the communist oppressive regime. The city was mutilated by the insane plans of the communist authorities. Many beautiful quarters were demolished at the direct order of the former communist dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu. Today, Bucharest is a fast developing city, therefore much work is done to restore beautiful old buildings. A sightseeing tour in Bucharest will take you to the main sites of the city and, most importantly, will give you the opportunity to learn about the history of the city, once called The Little Paris. A popular thing to do in Bucharest is to take with us a communism tour during which you will walk the Revolution Square, visit the Palace of Parliament and Ceausescu's Residence. We will tell you the history of the 1989 anti communist Revolution when thousands were killed and wounded by the oppressive regime during a bloody December.

Come with us and explore a new travel destination in Europe: Romania, a country which, for sure, will surprise you in a great way ! We offer small group tours, private driver and car in Romania. You only need to come and relax. We will take care of everything else!

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Try a new travel destination: Romania!


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