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2023 Travel to Romania!

2022 was a year of contrasts in tourism. The demand returned with the reduction of the Covid pandemic, but the war started by Russia against Ukraine brought uncertainty in Europe. Even under these conditions, tourism has returned strongly in Romania.

For us, at Touring Romania, 2022 was a very good year, with many private tours in Romania! Probably 90% of another very good year, 2019. Romania is a strong NATO country, therefore it is perfectly safe to travel here !

Tourists who traveled to Romania in 2022 preferred to visit Transylvania, Maramures, Bucovina and the Danube Delta. We offered private guided tours in Romania and focused on the "Off the beaten path" type of tours. We took our guests to rural areas where they had the opportunity to meet the locals, learn about their lives, and discover well-preserved traditions.

For 2023, Touring Romania aims to offer other unforgettable experiences for tourists who want to visit Romania. In 2023, we are betting on the Danube Delta, the wildest part of Romania, a real paradise for those who love nature, birds and wildlife adventure.

Danube Delta Romania

The Danube Delta is a top destination in Romania for those passionate about wildlife photography. The best time to visit the Danube Delta is from May to September. The Danube Delta in June is probably the best idea for wildlife travel in Romania. The days are long, the temperatures are not yet very high, the mosquitoes are very few and it is not crowded yet. Therefore, the Danube Delta in Romania is a very good travel choice!

"What to see in Romania" is a classic question for those who still don't know much about our country. Transylvania is probably the most famous travel destination in Romania. We, at Touring Romania, will prove to you that Transylvania is much more than Dracula or Dracula Castle. Of course, we will visit Bran Castle, also known as Dracula's Castle, but we will also share the true history of this impressive castle in Transylvania. You will discover the Saxon villages, the Unesco fortified churches  and beautiful medieval cities such as Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara. An unforgettable experience in Transylvania is to discover the local cuisine. We will take you to a local's home to enjoy delicious home cooked meals !

Peles Castle

A lesser known part of Transylvania is Maramures, located in northwestern Romania. It is the most "back in time" part of Romania, with the best preserved traditions. Hospitable people who can't wait to welcome you into their homes and share their life stories with you. It is one of the last places in Europe where you can see an archaic way of farming. It's like a trip back in time. We know local craftsmens where you will discover Maramures art. Wood was and still is the most important construction material. The famous wooden gates of Maramures, wooden houses or wooden churches are true testimonies of this.

Another top attraction in Romania is in Bucovina, where there are famous painted churches, eight of them in the Unesco heritage!

We are waiting for you in 2023 with a very diverse range of private guided tours in Romania. You can check it here!


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2023 Travel to Romania!


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Only one free day ? No problem ! We'll show you few splendors of Romania: Bran and Peles Famous Castles, Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara Medieval Cities or the Fascinating Wild Danube Delta

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With 2 free days, you'll have the chance to enjoy more of the Medieval Transylvania, amazing Transfagarasan Road or the Wildlife from Danube Delta, the only natural place from Romania in Unesco World Hertage

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This is the best way to explore Romania ! We designed tours up to 2 weeks to cover all beautiful Romania. Medieval Transylvania, Traditional Maramures, Spiritual Bucovina or Wild Danube Delta are witing for you !

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