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Discover with us Alba Iulia Citadel from Transylvania!

For Romanians, Alba Iulia is the most important place from the point of view of the national ideal: a big and united Romania.

In Alba Iulia, more than 400 years ago, it was the first time when the three provinces - Transylvania, Wallachia and Moldova - were united in one country. That union did not last long.

After the First World War, on December 1, 1918, the Romanians from Transylvania decided to unite with Moldova and Wallachia, thus forming Greater Romania. In 1922, in Alba Iulia, King Ferdinand and Queen Maria were crowned as monarchs of the Great Kingdom of Romania.

In the last 15 years, Alba Iulia has also become an important tourist attraction due to important renovations and attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists. A beautiful tradition is the changing of the guard in the Citadel.

Come with us on a private guided tour in Transylvania!

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Discover with us Alba Iulia Citadel from Transylvania!



Alba Iulia



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