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Travel Back in Time! Discover the Fortified Churches from the Saxon Villages of Transylvania!

900 years ago, today Transylvania became home for settlers from today Luxembourg and Germany. This population came into what we call today Transylvania at the request of the Hungarian King who was controling the area.

During many centuries, the settlers started to build the Medieval Cities we have today: Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara, Medias, Bistrita Cluj and Sebes. The German name was Siebenburgen which means the 7 Cities. Even today, all this cities has german names. The most well known are Sibiu (Hermanstad) and Brasov (Kronstad)

At some point in Transylvania were over 300 Fortified Churches. Today, 150 are still standing after 700 years. At the begining, this Fortified Churches were Catholic Churches. 500 years ago when Martin Luther started The Reform, they swiched and became Lutheran Churches.


Some of the most beautiful Fortified Churches in Transylvania are Biertan, Malancrav, Alma Vii, Viscri, Valea Viilor or Axente Sever.

Most of these churches are not in use anymore because of the exodus of the german population during the last years of the Communist Romania and the first years after 1989 Revolution. Most of The German population left Romania for a better life in Germany. To have a better idea what this exodus means, notice that Malancrav Village is the village with the largest Saxon population still there. And the number is ... 140 !

We, at Touring Romania - Private Guided Tours in Romania - designed some nice itineraries for those who want to discover and visit Transylvania. We gonna take you off the beaten track and go deeper inside the Saxon Villages of Transylvania.

We have a good selection of Old Traditional Saxon Houses which can be a great option to have the accommodation in Transylvania.

Not to say about great food in the area ! We know some great places to eat organic food prepared by the local ladies from the villages. Great experience !

Here are some options for those who want to Travel in Transylvania and to Discover the Saxon Villages

For those of you interested in Rural life of Transylvania, this may be a good option

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Travel Back in Time! Discover the Fortified Churches from the Saxon Villages of Transylvania!

Biertan Transylvania Romania


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