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Sighisoara: Church from the Hill

Sighisoara: Church from the Hill

After you climb the 175 steps of the “Student Stairs ", you will reach the school and the Church of the Hill. It is one of the most impressive Gothic architecture monuments from Transylvania. It was built during 1345-1525. One encrypt is placed under the church’s choir, where the city authorities were buried starting with the 16th century.


The plate where the Church is placed is like a clearing shade of a wonder land. It provides splendid views over the town and the road to Medias. In this decor, colored by flowers and mannered orderly with the care of these gritted alleys, you will discover the top of the Upper Tower, inhabited today. The tower is sited between the Church from the Hill and the entrance of the German graveyard. And if you choose to step down in the citadel through the Saxons’ graveyard, you will not regret it. On the centuries-old funeral stones you can distinguish the names of the hard-working Saxons who raised this citadel, included in the UNESCO world’s heritage.

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