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Sighisoara: Citadel Square

Sighisoara: Citadel Square

Today, an excellent place of great expansion and dining in a baroque-medieval atmosphere, the Citadel Square was once the place where the criminals were judged and executed. In the buildings around the market were dwelling the leaders of the city, some of their houses dating from the 15th century remaining until today.


From the square, as look towards the Clock Tower, you will see the house of Vlad Dracul. Dating from the 14th century, this is the oldest building of the city. During 1431 – 1435, here lived Vlad Dracul, Transylvania’s military governor. And it is very likely that in this house was born, in 1431, Vlad Dracul’s son - Vlad the Impeller, identified by the admirers of Bram Stocker’s novel, as Dracula. It is an overlap between the name of his father - "Dracul (the Devil)" – coming from the Dragon's order which had been conferred upon his father's former ruler Vlad and the cruelty of the Walachia’s emperor which really scared the Turks and the Saxons altogether, with his impalements punishments.


From the Central Square, looking to "the wooden covered ladder" climbing to the Church from the Hill, you will see the Stag House (Casa cu Cerb), a construction from the 17th century that illustrates the Transylvanian style. In a corner of the building is housed a sculpture with a stag’s head, the animal figure silhouetted against wherever you would look from the two sides of the house.


Another interesting building is the Venetian house, a house from the 16th century with windows frames made in Venice Gothic style.

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