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Are you looking for Travel Ideas? Then... Travel to Romania in 2018!

Many of my guests surprised their friends back home when they decided to travel to Romania. They were asked: `why Romania?` It is a valid question because, at this moment, Romania is not a well known travel destination.

The good thing is that all my guests are well and much surprised when they discover Romania. Better to be surprised in a good way rather than coming here with great expectations and be dissapointed :)

Of course all depends on how much time you have to spend in Romania. In order to visit Romania and to get to see the most important sites you need minimum 10 days. I would say best is to have 14 days to explore Romania. This will allow you to visit Transylvania, Maramures, Bucovia and Danube Delta.

Don't be worry ! You'll not get bored in Romania ! It is very diverse.

We have Medieval Transylvania with the famous Castles like Peles, Bran - aka Dracula Castle - or Corvin Castle. Many Saxon Villages with hundreds of years old Fortified Churches. Few of the Fortified Churches from Transylvania are included in Unesco World Heritage: Viscri, Biertan, Prejmer or Valea Viilor.

A private guided tour will take you to discover Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara or Cluj cities, maybe the most beautiful cities in Romania.

We use private car with private driver / guide for our tours in Romania. Driving up north, we discover superb area of Maramures, famous in Romania for the "back in time"feeling you get there. It is the place where you will discover the Wooden Churches, 8 of them included in Unesco World Heritage.

Maramures has maybe the most friendly people of Romania and it is the best destination in Romania if you are looking for traditions and rural life.

Crossing the mountains towards north-east, we'll reach Bucovina, the northern part of Moldova. The most famous touristic attraction of Bucovina are the Painted Churches. Orthodox Churches in Romania are fully painted inside, but those from Bucovina are painted also on the walls outside. 8 churches from Bucovina are included in Unesco World Heritage. The most famous Painted Church in Bucovina is Voronet, also known as The Sistine Chappel of the East. My favourite are Moldovita and Sucevita!

After visiting so many castles, fortresses, churches and medieval towns, a journey in Romania will not be complete without an adventure in Danube Delta!

A trip to Danube Delta will show you a magnificient wildlife at the point where Danube River flows into the Black Sea. Danube Delta is home for more than 300 bird species, a paradise for birdwatching! Remote fisherman villages, endless narrow canals, lakes, animals will amaze you  ! Not to mention the delicious traditional meals prepared by the ladies in the Delta. We will have Boat Rides in Danube Delta - we use experienced guides in the Delta who knows every corner of this fantstic place.

If you plan a visit in Romania, take a look at this Private Guided Tour in Romania:

Great tour of Romania - Private Guided Tour - 14 days

Alba Iulia Transylvania RomaniaBiertan Fortified Church Transylvania RomaniaBrasov Transylvania Romania 2Brasov Transylvania Romania 5Brasov Transylvania Romania 6Corvin Castles Transylvania RomaniaDanube Delta Romania Unesco World Heritage 14Danube Delta Romania Unesco World Heritage 15Danube Delta Romania Unesco World Heritage 2Danube Delta Romania Unesco World Heritage 4Painted Monasteries from Bucovina Romania 10Painted Monasteries from Bucovina Romania 3Painted Monasteries from Bucovina Romania 6Painted Monasteries from Bucovina RomaniaSaxov Village from Transylvania RomaniaSibiu Transylvania Romania 1Sighisoara Citadel Transylvania Romania 11Sighisoara Citadel Transylvania Romania 7Turda salt Mine Transylvania RomaniaViscri Fortified Church and Village Transylvania Romania 4Wooden Church Maramures Romania 12Wooden Church Maramures Romania 9
Are you looking for Travel Ideas? Then... Travel to Romania in 2018!



Wooden Church Maramures Romania



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Only one free day ? No problem ! We'll show you few splendors of Romania: Bran and Peles Famous Castles, Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara Medieval Cities or the Fascinating Wild Danube Delta

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