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The Trip of a Lifetime

Whether you are looking for someone to handle all the details or you would like a tour personalized around your interests, you couldn’t find a better tour guide than George or company than Touring Romania.

"The short and long of it is: if journeying across Transylvania in the care of a friendly, knowledgeable, and unflappable guide who will tailor the itinerary to your every need appeals to you, then you should choose Touring Romania. My friend and I approached George (the guide) with specific interests in traditional life, history, and hiking the countryside, and over the course of three months and 80+ e-mails we put together the two-week tour of a lifetime. If I said, “I’d like to learn how to cook traditional food,” George responded with, “I know a lady in Breb who would be happy to teach you.” When I said, “I’d like to walk between these two villages,” he answered, “The sheepdogs on that route can be unfriendly; let’s have the shepherd drive us in his horse-drawn cart to his sheepfold, and then after a lunch of fresh cheese, bread, and tomatoes, we can have him drop us off at the forest so we can walk the rest of the way.”

When it rained, he had umbrellas; when we were hungry he knew the best places to eat (and the best gelato stands for dessert!); when we explored old cities he explained the history in the clear, storytelling manner of a born teacher. Since I’d studied the history before coming, I asked him question after question – and he always had an answer. (But if I hadn’t been so interested, he would have spoken about something else with equal cheer. I’ve never met a person so able to put anyone and everyone he met at their ease so quickly.) Together we navigated the crowded corridors of Bran Castle, learned how to work a loom, and trekked up a mountain lush with wild raspberries. In every situation, I never saw him anything other than positive, resourceful, and considerate of everyone else’s needs.

Whether you are looking for someone to handle all the details or you would like a tour personalized around your interests, you couldn’t find a better tour guide than George or company than Touring Romania.


Rebecca C. - USA - August 2022

Off the Beaten Path: Transylvania and Maramures in 11 Days - Private Tour

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The Trip of a Lifetime


  1. Visit Maramures! One of the last unspoiled places of Europe!

    Maramures is all about the land, the ancient way of life and the people. Everywhere you look, creates images in your mind, of fairytales! [...]

  2. Travel Back in Time! Discover the Fortified Churches from the Saxon Villages of Transylvania!

    900 years ago, today Transylvania became home for settlers from today Luxembourg and Germany. This population came into what we call today Transylvania at the request of the Hungarian King who was controling the area. [...]

  3. Enjoy Easter in Maramures - Unique Experience in Romania!

    Easter in Maramures is probably one of the most spectacular experiences that someone can have when visiting Romania. [...]

Only one free day ? No problem ! We'll show you few splendors of Romania: Bran and Peles Famous Castles, Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara Medieval Cities or the Fascinating Wild Danube Delta

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With 2 free days, you'll have the chance to enjoy more of the Medieval Transylvania, amazing Transfagarasan Road or the Wildlife from Danube Delta, the only natural place from Romania in Unesco World Hertage

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Excelent opportunity to discover better Transylvania, Danube Delta, Black Sea or even Bucovina of the Painted Monasteries. 3 or 4 days will give you enough time to enjoy beautiful places of Romania

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This is the best way to explore Romania ! We designed tours up to 2 weeks to cover all beautiful Romania. Medieval Transylvania, Traditional Maramures, Spiritual Bucovina or Wild Danube Delta are witing for you !

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" Outstanding tour from Bucharest

He was flexible and able to adjust our itinerary to our interests [...]

Stacie C - USA - Nov 2021

" "Our day tour through amazing Transylvania"

We enjoyed the travel, discovered so many nice villages like Biertan, Malancrav or Viscri [...]

Arvis and friends from Latvia

" “Great Experience”

Driving through the Romania countryside will afford numerous opportunities of interacting with locals in both road markets and small villages [...]

Ady Shani, Tel Aviv, Israel