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“The Best Tour Guide for Seeing Romania!”

When I choose a private guide, I look for several important aspects ...

Reviewed July 24, 2014


My friend and I just returned from an amazing trip to Romania. We each have been to over 20 different countries and usually prefer to experience the sites on our own so we can have more flexibility and freedom. Every so often we choose guides and this time, we decided to inquire about a private driver/guide. When I choose a private guide, I look for several important aspects: flexible itinerary that provides a local, cultural experience beyond the typical touristy sites, affordable, and most importantly, a guide whom is knowledgeable, warm and friendly. We were in conversations with four different tour operators and chose Touring Romania (with George as our guide) for four days. It was the best decision we could have made for our trip. Touring Romania exceeded our expectations in every single aspect. Our guide George was extremely professional and friendly in his email communications identifying exactly what we were looking for and providing options for us to choose from. He went out of his way for us, sending comprehensive information about arriving at the airport & transportation from it even though we hadn’t arranged for his services until several days after we arrived. During our tour, he treated us like family, ensuring that we were comfortable and enjoying ourselves throughout. He arranged an absolutely amazing tour experience that included some of the more common, beautiful sites as well as many hidden treasures that gave us a feel for how the locals lived. He brought us to several Saxon Villages, including one where Prince Charles frequents. He even arranged for us to have lunch in the village eating at this very lovely woman’s house. She cooked a wonderful lunch for us! Additionally, we were asking him to stop to see other sites along the way and he was more than happy to accommodate us. He went out of his way to ensure we were comfortable, even encouraging us to nap during some of the longer car rides. After our tour officially ended, and at the very last minute, we asked if he would drive us to Sofia, Bulgaria instead of us taking the train because we felt so safe and comfortable in his car. He replied immediately and fortunately was able to accommodate. Throughout our trip, we found George to be incredibly friendly, fun, interesting, knowledgeable and professional. He even checked in after Romania asking about our overall vacation experience. TouringRomania created one of the best vacation experiences I have ever had. I would highly recommend to anyone that goes to Romania, that they experience it through Touring Romania – there is no possible way that we could have had as great of an experience on our own. For anyone that wants to learn more, I’m happy to message privately!

Michelle Benvenisti, New York, USA

“The Best Tour Guide for Seeing Romania!”





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  1. Simple life of people from Maramures

    Working the fields all day, making haystacks for their animals, producing plumb brandy and going to church every Sunday ... these are the MUSTs of people from Maramures. [...]

  2. Get ready for a Food Tour in Transylvania! In 2019 Sibiu is the European Gastronomy Capital!

    In 2007, Sibiu Medieval City was the European Cultural Capital. It was the year when Romania entered European Union. Sibiu is probably the most beautiful city of Romania, with a rich medieval history. Sibiu is situated in the center of Romania in Transylvania. [...]

  3. Discover with us the Fortified Churches from Transylvania!

    Without a doubt, Transylvania's treasures are the Fortified Churches. These churches look more like fortresses and were built 8 centuries ago by the german colonists settled in Transylvania. In the 12th century, a germanic population came into what is today Transylvania and started a new life. This part of Europe was often attacked by invaders such as ottomans or tartars and this is why these churches were built with one, two or even three defensive walls around. This is the concept of a Fortified Church: a place where locals took refuge in case of an invasion. [...]

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I would recommend both George and Romania!! [...]

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I have travelled to over 65 countries and this was my first time using a private guide [...]

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One day we hope to return to Romania [...]

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