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Discover Maramures Traditions in a Private Guided Tour!

If you are looking for authentic traditions, then... Maramures is the place to be ! Maramures is the northwestern part of Romania and it is the most traditional place of the country.

Part of Transylvania, Maramures is about the people and how they cherish their traditions. The most important aspect of Maramures people is attending church every Sunday or when it is a big religious celebrations.

2020 was a very tough year for all romanians because of the Covid 19 pandemic. Restrictions imposed didn't allow them to attend church for Easter in April and for 2 months, churches were closed. But in June, restrictions were lifted and people were allowed to get back again in churches.

Maramures Traditions - People

in Breb Village from Maramures, on June 21st, the Orthodox Church painting was sanctified and it was the most important day of the village. The weather was very bad; it rained all day long, but locals stood outside for the religious service. Everyone from the villages wore their traditional clothes. Same for the riders and their horses, a long lasting tradition in Maramures.

A perfect trip in Maramures is the one in which you get the chance to attend church or a traditional wedding in the village. Or to visit  locals at their houses and to learn about their life, their traditions and to enjoy a meal with them.

We, at Touring Romania Private Guided Tours, focus on these type of experiences; we take you off the beaten track. Our goal is for you to feel the essence of Maramures. We know all the places to be for a great experience !

We are waiting you for a 2 Weeks Private Guided Tour in Maramures. This year, 2020, we have special prices. This 14 days private tour in the countryside of Maramures and Transylvania starts from 1235 euros per person. HERE: A journey back in time: Countryside Life from Transylvania and Maramures

We provide only Private Tours for your group, we choose charming small traditional accommodations and we avoid touristy places.

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Maramures Traditions Private Guided Tour in Transylvania 2Maramures Traditions Private Guided Tour in Transylvania 3Maramures Traditions Private Guided Tour in Transylvania 4Maramures Traditions Private Guided Tour in Transylvania 5Maramures Traditions Private Guided Tour in Transylvania 6Maramures Traditions Private Guided Tour in Transylvania 7Maramures Traditions Private Guided Tour in Transylvania 8Maramures Traditions Private Guided Tour in Transylvania 9Maramures Traditions Private Guided Tour in Transylvania
Discover Maramures Traditions in a Private Guided Tour!


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