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“VERY smart choice to tour Romania with George” - August 2016

What an exciting moment when we visited my mom’s childhood house

Reviewed August, 2016

George knows what he does. He is patient and attentive. He loves guiding and he is having fun in the trip.
He is knowledgeable and he drives well! There are things above the standard.
I mentioned the address where my mom lived 50+years ago, despite everything has changed, he went out in his off time to ask taxi drivers, old residents and eventually he found it through the city hall and find the house!
What an exciting moment when we visited my mom’s childhood house and sent the photo of the house to her.
We also had an impromptu idea of a picnic instead of going to restaurant in the trip, he quickly made it happen!
It was indeed a very smart choice to tour Romania with George.

Tev Aviv Family - Visited August 2016

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“VERY smart choice to tour Romania with George” - August 2016


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" Fantastic Tour of Romania

George was a fantastic tour guide for our large group trip to Romania! [...]

Jessica M, USA

" “Romania expert!”

I would not hesitate to recomand Touring Romania to anyone. [...]

Maria C, Toronto, Canada

" “Wonderful day trip to Brasov and Peles and Bran Castle”

Can't rate him highly enough [...]

Jamin Kennedy, Berlin, Germany