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“Sighisoara and a visit to a Saxon home for lunch in Floresti”

I cannot say enough wonderful things about George Trandafir and TOURING ROMANIA.

Reviewed August 14, 2015


I cannot say enough wonderful things about George Trandafir and TOURING ROMANIA. We hired George on our recent visit to Sighisoara, Romania. He provided an informative and enjoyable tour of the city, focusing primarily on the medieval citadel - and area where we were staying. George's style is relaxed, entertaining and friendly. His English is excellent - something that will certainly please Americans or Britons looking for a guide or tours. George also is a fountain of informational advice, he gave us ideas of things we'd want to do in other cities upcoming in our Romanian visit. Just an absolutely great guy.

THE CROWN JEWEL of the day tour was when George took us out into Saxon country. We first visited a picturesque little town called Biertan, where George accompanied us on a visit to the local fortified church. George's knowledge of the church and its history was exceptional. And his sense of humor adds so much to the presentation.

After Biertan, we headed to Floresti, another picturesque little village. George has made friends with a local lady named Lucica. Lucica is involved to some degree with managing local properties for the Princes Trust (Prince Charles is heavily in involved in the preservation of Saxon lands and buildings in the area) Lucica and her mother prepared us an amazing lunch, made entirely of ingredients produced on their family farm. Fresh cheeses, grilled meats, stuffed cabbages, fragrant and tasty breads and yes - homemade tuica (schnapps) was all amazing. And beyond that was the friendship and smiles we enjoyed. It was a chance to go into someone's home to spend a few hours. A priceless opportunity, never to be forgotten.

Speaking of priceless, I will simply say that George's prices are more than fair, you will get so much more for your money than you'd ever imagine.

Peter, Sara and Bonnie Chamlis - Florida, USA - July 2015

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“Sighisoara and a visit to a Saxon home for lunch in Floresti”


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