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"Our day tour through amazing Transylvania"

We enjoyed the travel, discovered so many nice villages like Biertan, Malancrav or Viscri

I usually travel by my own and I am not  taking any specific tours, but in my trip to Romania, we decided to take Touring Romania  service to better investigate Romania.

I must say everything was quite nice organized!!! It was interesting to spend time with George from Touring Romania because as a former journalist he's quite smart and not annoying, interested to speak with us about sports, culture and Romanian politics and history... He is also the driver and I must say the hole day driving was very safe!

We were a group of 4 people and everything was as we dealed with him, he picked up us from the  airport at 2 AM  and than we started our day tour  through amazing Transylvania...

I've traveled quite a lot through the world and met a lot of people in tourism industry, but really it was a great time together with George - we enjoyed the travel, discovered so many nice villages like Biertan, Malancrav or Viscri, old Towns like Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu.

We were surprised to have a traditional lunch in one of the Saxon Villages from Transylvania at a local lady's old house. It was great there !

Also, we had a great time in Sibiu in The Little Square - drinking beers and have a lot of fun there...

George with Touring Romania has a very big potential and I would definetly recommend to get connected with him, even if you don't take any tours, because when I wrote in the forum who can help me with our trip, he immediately gave me lots of advices...

Arvis and friends from Latvia

"Our day tour through amazing Transylvania"


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