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"Custom Tours by Knowledgeable, Engaging Local Guide”

I found George and his company, Touring Romania, online and was able to book a full day tour by car that covered a huge amount of ground.

Reviewed December 26, 2014


I came to Bucharest at the tail end of a European trip. I hadn't made any plans for a formal tour but wanted to travel outside of the city and visit Transylvania and the Carpathian Mountains.

I found George and his company, Touring Romania, online and was able to book a full day tour by car that covered a huge amount of ground. We went to Peles Palace, Bran and the Dracula Castle, the fortified church at Cisnădioara, and had lunch in and toured the City of Brasov.

I would highly recommend George to anyone visiting Romania, whether for the first time or a repeat visitor. George knows so much about the country and his personal experiences during the historic last few decades in Romania provide great color and context to help outsiders better understand the country. He is very engaging and personable, and he takes great care in crafting tours that are specific to your interests.

Hands down George is one of the best tour operators and guides I have used. I highly recommend him.

John Creighton - Seatle, United States
Visited September 2014

"Custom Tours by Knowledgeable, Engaging Local Guide”

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  3. Please, enter the former communist dictator Ceausescu's Private Palace in Bucharest!

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