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“Awesome, Expert Tour Guide!!”

I would recommend both George and Romania!!

Reviewed September 28, 2015

 One Week in Transylvania - Private Tour - 7 days

I would highly recommend George as a guide and Romania as a destination! We are a family of five touring and could not be happier with George's expertise. He is professional and very accommodating. I appreciate that he listens closely to his customers' needs and tailors his tours to what they would like to do. Bravo George and I would recommend both George and Romania!!

Visited September 2015

Ashley Atlanta, Georgia

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“Awesome, Expert Tour Guide!!”




  1. Rural Romania - Great Destination for Tourists

    The remote villages from Maramures, northwest of Romania, convinced the journalists from Daily Mail to write an article about the beauty of this area. [...]

  2. Why a Tour in Transylvania?

    Transylvania is the most well known area of Romania and attracts lots of tourists from all over the world. [...]

  3. Trying to make the future of Romania without rubbish!

    `A Future Without Rubbish` is meant to be an educational process to assist locals to realise what great opportunities they have in a clean Transylvania [...]

Only one free day ? No problem ! We'll show you few splendors of Romania: Bran and Peles Famous Castles, Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara Medieval Cities or the Fascinating Wild Danube Delta

One Day Tours

With 2 free days, you'll have the chance to enjoy more of the Medieval Transylvania, amazing Transfagarasan Road or the Wildlife from Danube Delta, the only natural place from Romania in Unesco World Hertage

Short Tours

Excelent opportunity to discover better Transylvania, Danube Delta, Black Sea or even Bucovina of the Painted Monasteries. 3 or 4 days will give you enough time to enjoy beautiful places of Romania

City Break

This is the best way to explore Romania ! We designed tours up to 2 weeks to cover all beautiful Romania. Medieval Transylvania, Traditional Maramures, Spiritual Bucovina or Wild Danube Delta are witing for you !

Long Tours


" “The Best Tour Guide for Seeing Romania!”

When I choose a private guide, I look for several important aspects ... [...]

Michelle Benvenisti, New York, USA

" Excellent country, excellent view, excellent guide

We are a group of 9 colleagues travelling with George. [...]

Yiwen L - Netherlands

" Unbelievable experience that we’ll always cherish

Words will fail me to adequately describe the trip that George planned for us. [...]

Leslie J - USA