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3 day Translvania tour

We would really recommend George to anyone who wishes to get a private tour in Romania

My family of 9 booked a 3 day Translvania tour with George. Unfortunately a few days before the tour, my mum suffered a stroke . We explained the situation to George who understood the situation and helped us to cancel and re-book our hotels. He even helped us to enquire and make bookings for the medical consultation with the doctors in Romania. George and the driver, Valli also helped to transport my mum to the hospital in Romania and picked her up upon discharge.

George also did not charge us for last minute cancellations of some of the rooms booked for the tour. He also helped us to make some last minute booking for the hotel in Brasov as my sister and brother-in-law could not join the tour as they helped to look after my mum in Brasov.

George did not charge us the full amount of tbe tour despite our last minute cancellation. Instead, he charged us a lower amount although he had to make some de-tour to pick up my mother up from the hospital.

George also made numerous phone calls on our behalf to private clinics and hospitals as we were not conversant in the Romanian language. He also managed to get a private neurologist to review my mother's CT scan results as the private clinics were closed due to the New Year.

Without George and Valli's kind assistance, we would have been at a loss on how to get treatment for my mother's stroke.

We would really recommend George to anyone who wishes to get a private tour in Romania. He i really is the best tour guide.

Singapore Group - Dec 2019

One Week in Transylvania - Private Guided Tour - 7 days


3 day Translvania tour


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Cheryl J - Canada

" 3 day Translvania tour

We would really recommend George to anyone who wishes to get a private tour in Romania [...]

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