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These are difficult times for the tourism industry because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but we will never give up ! We, at Touring Romania, work close with our partners in Europe. Most of our guests visit more than one country. They come to Romania and visit another one or even two countries while in Europe.

One of our great partners is from Switzerland, an amazing country. We work closely with Chris Wilson from Typically Swiss Tours - website, HERE:



We share the same values when it comes to providing Private Guided Tours: we are friendly, safe and reliable and our motto is: "your pleasure touring with us is our Top Priority!"

Chris is a British who tailors Private Guided Tours in Switzerland for the last 3 years and his record on Tripadvisor is phenomenal: all his reviews are 5 stars!

Tours are day or multi day and take in the best parts of Switzerland such as the Lake Luzern, Bernese Oberland and Graubunden.    

Tours can be personalised to suit client`s wishes or the set tours which have been devised to cover the most special areas and also the non touristic areas too which often prove to be the most popular.

For more information, please contact Chris at or call 0041 79 286 0451. Highly recommended!

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Typically Swiss Tours - Best Travel Company to explore Switzerland!


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  2. Discover with us the Fortified Churches from Transylvania!

    Without a doubt, Transylvania's treasures are the Fortified Churches. These churches look more like fortresses and were built 8 centuries ago by the german colonists settled in Transylvania. In the 12th century, a germanic population came into what is today Transylvania and started a new life. This part of Europe was often attacked by invaders such as ottomans or tartars and this is why these churches were built with one, two or even three defensive walls around. This is the concept of a Fortified Church: a place where locals took refuge in case of an invasion. [...]

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    In 1864, Jules Verne wrote the famous `Journey to the center of the Earth`. In 2018, we not gonna take you so deep inside the Earth, but we`ll take you in a journey you`ll never forget. [...]

Only one free day ? No problem ! We'll show you few splendors of Romania: Bran and Peles Famous Castles, Brasov, Sibiu or Sighisoara Medieval Cities or the Fascinating Wild Danube Delta

One Day Tours

With 2 free days, you'll have the chance to enjoy more of the Medieval Transylvania, amazing Transfagarasan Road or the Wildlife from Danube Delta, the only natural place from Romania in Unesco World Hertage

Short Tours

This is the best way to explore Romania ! We designed tours up to 2 weeks to cover all beautiful Romania. Medieval Transylvania, Traditional Maramures, Spiritual Bucovina or Wild Danube Delta are witing for you !

Long Tours


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Romania is beautiful even in winter [...]

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George was a fantastic tour guide for our large group trip to Romania! [...]

Jessica M, USA

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When I choose a private guide, I look for several important aspects ... [...]

Michelle Benvenisti, New York, USA