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Captain NeMMo still lives in the Danube Delta!

In 1869, Jules Verne created his famous character "Captain Nemo".

In 1869, Jules Verne created  his famous character "Captain Nemo".
More than 145 years later, Touring Romania discovered him in Sulina, in the Danube Delta. "I am Captain NeMMo from Sulina. With two 'M'", he proudly says.

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He is a former soldier of the Romanian Army, born in the mountains, in Brasov. One single trip in the Danube Delta, in Sulina, more than 30 years ago, made ​​him to fall in love with this wild part of Romania.
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He married here and now he is the best man with whom you can discover the amazing Danube Delta in a Private Boat Ride with beautiful Matilda, his boat.
Captain NeMMo knows all hidden places where pelicans, cormorants and other birds from the Delta rest.

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With a jeep ride, NeMMo takes his guests to the fantastic subtropical Letea Forest where wild horses live in total freedom.

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Captain NeMMo has his own "employees" in the wild Danube Delta. The best known is "The Mayor" from Cardon little village. Another friend of Nemmo is the "Wise Man" from remote village of Periprava.

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A boat ride with Captain NeMMo Delta can not be complete before a traditional fish lunch. Great experience !

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An unforgettable sunset ends a wonderful day spent with Captain NeMMO from Sulina!

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Captain NeMMo still lives in the Danube Delta!





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