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As you consider your travel plans for 2018, I have been thinking about how I can best show you the heart and soul of Romania.

My desire is not just to take you to the sights but to show you the unique and charming country that I call home.  We will meet welcoming people, share heartfelt conversations, and witness their age old traditions. Not to mention, dine on delicious home-cooked food!  You will discover places and a daily life that have mostly disappeared from the Western world.

home-cooked food

Of course we will visit the famous sites and you will have many opportunities to take beautiful pictures.  Moreover, I want you to remember the captivating faces of the hardworking people of Maramures.  It is possible to experience Easter at midnight in a wooden church that is hundreds of years old.  You can watch as the children exchange masterfully hand-painted eggs on Easter and you will see the joy in their eyes when they learn what it means to give to another.

wonderful Danube Delta

In addition, we can go to the wonderful Danube Delta to discover incredible wildlife and the remote fishing villages that feel as if time has stopped.  We will be invited into the home of Elena and John.  Elena will prepare fabulous food, while John will share endless stories of the surrounding area.  John will serve as our expert guide navigating the boat rides through this unique ecosystem and touring its villages.

traditions Romania

Then there is Bucovina located in northeastern Romania.  Bucovina is renowned for its UNESCO World Heritage sites of painted monasteries.  You will not just see the painted churches, but I will help you to feel the Romanian spirituality filled with hundreds of years of history. You will gain an understanding of how faith has been preserved in times of great danger.

Last but not least, Transylvania cannot be missed in our journey.  A land of legends with castles and seemingly endless forests, Transylvania is filled with history. You will learn the dramatic story of the Saxons and their exodus from Romania as well as see the effects of the reformation on the unique fortified churches of the area.  We will also visit the castles and towns that give this region its mysterious lore.
If one, some, or all of these special places peak your interest, please contact me and I will be happy to customize a tour that meets your needs and provides you with the most unique and authentic experience of Romania that you will find.  I dare to say that Romania and its people will find a special place in your heart.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Are you considering a Tour in Romania? We are waiting you!






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