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A "MUST" in Transylvania: Taste the Local Cuisine in a Local's House

For your journey in Transylvania to be unforgettable, we propose you to taste from the local cuisine

Transylvania's hidden treasures are  the Old Saxon Villages. Some of them remote, some on the main road, old villages invites you to discover an ancient way of live preserved through hundreds and hundreds of years.

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For your journey in Transylvania to be unforgettable, we propose you to taste from the local cuisine - a great lunch prepared by a lovely lady, Lucica. All are from her garden and they realy taste great !


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"I especially loved eating at Lucica's home in Floresti village, she was such a sweet lady and we got to watch her sheep being milked. What an authentic experience of a Saxon village!" - Yun from Singapore - July 2014

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"Lucica is such a nice person, that all our guests loved her from the first moment (...) What a wonderful lady and some of the best food I had on my entire trip...and I'm a vegetarian! I will always remember her warm smile and am so grateful George brought me to meet this wonderful lady in her home and get a real glimpse of traditional Romanian life..." - Christel Hazard from Santa Monica, USA - October 2014

A journey in Transylvania will not be complete without exploring this amazing land full with Fortified Churches and Castles.

Saxon Villages 01Saxon Villages 02Saxon Villages 03Saxon Villages 04

A "MUST" in Transylvania: Taste the Local Cuisine in a Local's House






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