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1989 - 2019, 30 years of democracy in Romania

30 years of democracy. 30 years since Romania escaped the most cruel communist regime from Europe. Romania was the only country from Europe with people killed during the fall of communism. More than 1100 were killed in December 1989.

Communism started in 1947 brought and supportet by Soviet Union. Hundred of thousands of romanians were killed, tortured or arested during 4 decades. No freedom of speech, centralised economy, no private enterprise, all controlled by the state. From late 70's Romania became a big prison, a black and white sad movie.

Most of the time without electricity and heating, everything was rationed, huge waiting lines for everything you wanted to buy. Most of the markets were cold and empty. Pretty much nothing to buy.

When electricity was on, in the 80's, romanians were given only 2 hours tv program per day, from 8 to 10 pm. Apart of 2 minutes of cartoons and weather, most of the program was propaganda about how good is communisn and how great are our lifes. Only lies, of course...

In 1989 all communist regimes colapsed. Romania was the last country to still have communism. Until December 1989. The Revolution exploded in Timisoara and after one week started in Bucharest too.

Former communist dictator Ceausescu asked for a big rally in his support on 21st of December. He held the speech from the famous balcony of the Communist Central Comitee. Things became bad for him when people started  yeal against him. Ceausescu was paralised by fear. In the evening of 21st he gave orders for the protestatars to be killed. Almost 50 people were killed in the night of 21st to 22nd of December.

Next day, on 22nd, all Bucharest went on the streets in front of Central Comitee. Ceausescu tried to have another speech, but hundred of thousands of people forced him to leave by helicopter. It was the victory of Revolution. Ceausescu and his wife Elena were arrrested and executed by the new regime on Dec 25th.

In December 2019, the famous balcony from where Ceausescu held his last speech was opened for public for the first time in the last 30 years. People could see also the interogation and arest of the former political police of the regime.

We at Touring Romania are waiting for you to tell you story of communism in Romania.


1989 - 2019, 30 years of democracy in Romania


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