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Some people call it the most hideous building from Bucharest, the more lenient ones call it the most spectacular one. Yet, “The Palace of the Parliament” cannot leave you listless. The building was raised between the years 1984-1989, with great sacrifices, including human lives lost, upon the image of the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. It is located at the end of a long and wide boulevard, merciless cut in the very heart of the Capital, initially called „The Socialism Victory”. The Bucharest citizens spiritually completed its name by adding a sour irony („The Socialism Victory”…over the people).


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Initially called "People's House", the building had nothing to do with the Romanian people, being aimed for the communist state; it could be the fact that the Romanians built it. The communism fall left the Bucharest citizens with a dilemma. What would they do with such a huge building, which can be seen from space, the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon? The Senate, The Chamber of Deputies, the Constitutional Court, the Contemporary Art Museum and numerous other institutions were installed there. The building which consumes enormous amounts of energy, houses 1100 rooms, out of which 440 of them are offices, over 30 are saloons and lounges, 4 of them are restaurants, 3 of them are libraries, and a concert hall.



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